VLLC Transcription Guidelines

Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium


for the Michael Field Diary Archive


Transcriptions should be in a Word document, starting each new page of the diary on a new page in your Word document. At the start of your transcription of every new page of the diary, give a note in bold including the following information:

1 – the scanned image identifier (this is given in the hyperlink from our temporary archive page: e.g. ‘Link to Notebook 5 page 97’)

2 – the volume number and BL manuscript number (e.g. Vol. V; Add MS 46785)

3 – the diary folio number. N.b. this is the number given in pencil at the top right-hand corner of every other page (not the image number or the page numbers given in pencil on every page of the diary) and identifies a physical leaf of paper, with ‘r’ added to indicate the front side of that piece of paper, and ‘v’ added to indicate the back side of the same piece of paper.

4 – the transcriber’s name (as you wish it to appear on the site)

Use the format given in this example:

Notebook 5, Page Image 97;  Vol. V, Add MS 46785, fol. 45r;  Marion Thain.


Note that transcriptions will have to pass a threshold for accuracy to be published.


Please use the following editorial conventions:

Use [E.C.] and [K.B.] at the head of the passage to indicate whether the passage is in the hand of Edith Cooper or Katharine Bradley

Illegible Words:  [????]

Unsure words, so I think this word might be testimony:  [testimony?]

Excisions, words crossed through: use the Word cross-out feature

Illegible words within an excision: use ???? to denote illegible words within an excision

When ‘and’ is represented by the writers with a plus sign, please transcribe as an ampersand (otherwise the combination of dashes and plus signs so often found in the manuscript can be difficult to read when in a typed interface)

Use [<] and [>] to surround text added or inserted to an existing line

Include any editorial notes as numbered footnotes at the bottom of each page

N.b. the transcription will be displayed alongside the manuscript page image in the digital edition, so readers will be able to see both simultaneously. For this reason, you might like to consider preserving the original line breaks so that the transcription is easier to map on to the ms page image. This might help solve a number of problems with transcription around text broken across lines in the original.

Michael Field Diary Volume leads assigned:

1888-89: Ana Vadillo

1890:  Ana Vadillo

1891:  Ana Vadillo

1892: Ana Vadillo

1893: Ana Vadillo

1894: Sharon Bickle

January to October 1895: fully transcribed by Henri Locard.

October to December 1895: fully transcribed by Henri Locard.

1896:  Peter Logan

1897:  Ana Vadillo

1898: Ana Vadillo

1899:  Ana Vadillo

1900: Ana Vadillo

1901: Alex Murray

1902: Tara Thomas

1903: Heather Bozant

1904: Pearl Chaozon Bauer (first half); Sarah Kersh (second half)


1906: Cherrie Kwok and Sarah Parker (first half); Elizabeth Anne TeVault (second half)

1907: Andrea Gazzaniga

1908: Holly Laird

1909: Caroline Baylis-Green

1910: Olivia Moy

1911: Jill Ehnenn

1912: Sharon Bickle

1913: Nicole Cote and Sarah Parker

1914: Sarah Kersh